WELCOME to Block of the Month (BOM)

Block of the Month 2021

The theme of the 2021 Block of the Month is Adventures in Color.  This will be a
completely different quilting experience.  You will choose your colors at the beginning of
the year and continue using them for all twelve blocks.  There is only one pattern!  Each
month, you will receive a new placement diagram for the colors in your block.  You'll be
amazed at how different each block will look.  For more information, check

Members will construct one block per month.  By bringing them to the meetings or
emailing a photo to the BOM coordinators, members will to be eligible for the monthly

Cutting directions are provided for both the Go! Cutter and traditional rotary cutting.

pattern grid for the blocks will remain the same, but the color layout will change each
month.  Coloring in a new grid for each month could be very helpful.  

January - Block 1

February - Block 2

March - Block 3

April - Block 4

We will display your interpretation of each block at the meeting.  Those who complete
blocks will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.  
Don't forget to take your blocks
home at the end of the meeting - you'll need them to assemble your quilt at the
end of the year!

There will have be a limited number of printed instructions at each meeting. If you have the
capacity to receive these instructions electronically, please do not take a printed copy.  
The instruction have been scanned in a PDF format and will be emailed to those
members that have email addresses listed in the membership list.  Let’s save a few trees
while we’re at it.

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Block of the Month
Board Member - Linda Neikam & Mary Oehrlein