President's Challenge 2021

Many traditional quilt blocks have been around for decades.  And there are dozens
we're all familiar with like Sun Bonnet Sue, log cabin and Dresden plate.  Well,
now's your chance to pick a traditional quilt pattern and see what it would look like
in the 21st century!

Take your favorite quilt block and interpret it four ways!

Some idea for other approaches you might take:  
Modernize it, add embellishments, crazy quilt it, fracture the block, collage, repeat,
fuse in different materials, distort the image, simplify it, complicate it, etc.

Assemble your four 12" blocks into a square or strung out lengthwise or vertically.  
The only restriction is that the original traditional block need to be recognizable in
some form in each panel.

More information available
here.  Due at the November guild meeting

President's Challenge 2020
Quilter's House
This year's challenge will be to use you imagination to create a 3-dimensional
quilter's house.  Feel free to customize your building any way you want: enlarge it,
expand it or turn it into a totally different construction.  It can be anything from a bird
house or gingerbread house to a light house or castle.  Use any technique you're
comfortable with and make it was real or fanciful as you like.  Your construction will
be judged by the membership at the November meeting with 1st, 2nd and 3rd
prizes awarded.  The charming village created will be displayed with the raffle quilt
at next year's quilt show.
Quilter's House instructions
Quilter's House pattern

1st Place - Val DeRosa
2nd Place - Vicki Stoddard
3rd Place - Pat Palermo

Multi-Guild Challenge
A wall.  Some spray cans.  What would you do?
Here are the basics of the challenge:
These 24" x 24" quilts were turned in to Liz Dragone at the February 2020
meeting.  They will travel to each guild that has members who answered the
challenge before being returned to the maker.  A Viewers' Choice format will
determine awards of First, Second and Third Place, each with cash prizes.